The masses agglutinant
Spencer Hyde

The masses agglutinant



Title: the masses agglutinant
Year: 2019
Size: 70 x 70 inches
Technique: Photoshop till you drop

This artwork is an hand-drawn geometric shape, scanned, & photoshopped – will likely become an NFT.
“This Geometric shape is based off of the 47th problem of Euclid (Pythagorean theorem), Circles of Enoch, Squares, Triangles, Hexagons, Octagons, etc. Forming their own circles about a center – Semi-circles, the dots on the same showing the vertices of right angled triangles both inscribed and circumscribed thereon, formed by lines crossing, then expanded by duplication and stacking while varying the colors red, green, and blue. This piece is one of my favorite geometric pieces that I’ve created. The title is a pun… I suppose you have to be a tech geek to understand it. It’s an allusion to the colors which comprise CRTs/LCDs (and now LEDs) – that are found in television. – It’s also hard to look away from.”