Chikara Komura

Chikara Komura



Professor Emeritus, Seikei University, Musashinoshi, Japan

Recent Shows
2007-2021 Portrait Gallery, Yotsuya Shasinjuku Group Exhibition
2014, 2016, 2019 RAIEC Tokyo Satellite Portfolio Exhibition,
2016.5.24-29 Solo Photo Exhibition ‘Flowers in the Sea’ at Roonee 247 Photography. Yotsuya, Tokyo
2021.2.22-3.6 Solo Photo Exhibition ‘Flowers in the Sea II’ at Juichigatsu Gallery, Ginza 7 chome 11-11 Hasegawa bldg 3F
2021.9.17-19 Luxembourg Art Fair, through Monat Gallery, Madrid
2021.10.28-31, Art Expo New York 2021, Booth 108, Pier 36.
2021, September -2022, January, ‘Mountain Azalea at Mt. Amagi’, ‘Climbing Hydrangea at Tebiki Gashira Head in Mt. Amagi’, Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome.

2013 Selected in 38th JPS for ”Tokorozawa”
2013, 2015, 2018 Mt. ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL Photo Review, selected.
2015 Nominated for Award of Excellence in 40th JPS for "Murmur of Stone”
2020 Art Expo New York, nominated as Finalist for ‘Agave in the Sea’ which was exhibited in New York during October 28-31, 2021 at Booth 108, Pier 36.
2020 September 17-November 14, Texas Photographic Society’s exhibition, 33rd Annual Members-Only Show, juried by Bill Wright
Honorable Mention Award, for ‘Hydrangea in the Sea’
Exhibited at Bill and Alice Wright Photo Gallery, The Center for Contemporary Arts, Abilene, TX.

2012 ASAHI CAMERA Nominated for the Second prize by Hiroh Kikai with “Red Juban Kimono”
2016 ‘Flowers in the Sea’, PhotoCon, pp.164-6. Photo Book ‘Flowers in the Sea’, May 2016, Tokorozawa Photo Studio, available at Amazon, Japan
2020 SPOTLIGHT Contemporary Art Magazine #19 pp. 62-63, 'Agave in the Sea’ & ‘Tritoma in the Sea.’
2021 SPOTLIGHT Contemporary Art Magazine #23 p.90, ‘Flower Peach in Town.’
2021 “Flowers in the Sea,” A3, September 2021, Tokorozawa Photo Studio.
2021 Spotlight Magazine, ‘Emperor Dahlia in the Sea,’ Forthcoming, November/December 2021.

Photography is an expression of the real world, seen through my filter.
What I take is related to the long history of the Earth: Primeval Forest at Mt. Amagi, the Flowers in the Sea, and Murmur of Stone.