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Janusz Tworek




Title: it
Year: 2022
Size: 60x60, with frame 64x64
Technique: oil painting on canvas

"Today, people are more multidimensional like cubism, but definitely more devoid of contours"
This is my description of the contemporary European and post-European young Family. Today, young people as well as their children are no longer just bipolar, they have become three-polar beings. They are no longer just closed between what is good and what is bad. Between the "+" and "-" came a whole zone of yet unspecified needs and attitudes. I called it the third pole.
In my opinion, this phenomenon causes such great agitation of young people. At the same time, there is a complete change in the relationship in the Family model.
Currently, it is the woman who is socially dominant, despite a large internal conflict in terms of both attitudes and needs. Despite this, she is still slightly feminine. That is why I showed her in pastel colors emphasizing her femininity. I also used sharper accents, emphasizing her striving to take over the male role.
The man became more wobbly and less decisive than the woman. Nevertheless, his third pole retained, in my opinion, the most of his former role. There are few pastel colors in him. Stronger and more contrasting colors are contained only in the third pole. There is a child between them. A being completely devoted to all kinds of virtual media. She became an adult before she was even a child. First of all, it has been cut off from real reality, and thus exposed to enormous danger. This part of the triptych is the most emotionally diverse, both in form and colors.

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