Born in Japan.
Graduated from TAMA ART UNIVERSITY, Department of Information Design, Art and Me-dia Course.

My work is a drop of ink and water on water-repellent paper.
This is a photograph of the phenomenon.
A small impact on paper can have a big impact on color and shape.
And change never comes in the same form.
A world that is generated, broken, deformed, and then generated again.
I'm capturing a moment from it.

I want to find something in the world that fascinates me, and I will play a role in preparing and enhancing it.
I want to preserve what I found, naturally and beautifully.
Ink is the best way to express this hope.

This expression will never be what I think it will be.
Be impressed by the phenomenon,something that captures a moment, a sequence, a change.

Expressions that don't belong to you is less ego. Glad to hear it. However I was the one who prepared the trigger and discovered the phenomenon.
I'm fascinated by that contradiction.

I would be very happy if you could see my encounter and feel the joy.
I don't put emotion into my work, but depending on who sees the work, the emotion ap-pears.
From the color image, from the inspiration, from the shape, each represents its own per-sonality.
I think it would be very interesting to see what you feel when you see it.

The world around us is constantly changing and never stays the same.
In the same way that We live my life by feeling the moments of change, I create my works by feeling the moments of change.