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Digital Artist


Digital Artist



I am an artist who focuses on both music and art.

When I was a student, I was a folk guy. After a 30-year gap, I resumed my music career in September 2012.
I sing solo on acoustic guitar, covering original songs and songs by various people.
I often exhibit my work in galleries and perform live.

Since I started singing again, why? I want to draw again, so I started making artworks.
In the past few years, I have been working on many abstract works using watercolors and Japanese paper based on the concept of "Love and Earth". I also started creating video work and healing music using photography, photos, and artworks.
Since 2015, I have shown my work in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and live music venues.


Ogasun continues to create various kinds of art.
The concept is Love & Love Earth.

Love :
He is working as a healing artist with the intention of bringing healing to the people around him through art. To heal is to love. That's why I love. I would be happy if people around me would feel relaxed and relaxed.

Love Earth :
As you all know, the Earth is in a very serious situation right now.
Let's love the Earth more and take better care of it! I am working with this in my heart. I always wish for the happiness of the entire earth.


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