Kyoko Mitani

Kyoko Mitani



The inner worlds of human's characters fascinate me.
My passion is portraying all of life and soul of various primitive pure energy, emotion and most importantly with humour to interactive; the relationship with colour is my way of life and work of essential source. So I enjoy communicating with every soul every time with every colour.
I work primary painterly in loud colour with oils and acrylic, collage, occasionally employ Japanese calligraphy brush also use cloth tactually to sculpture as well as adding layers of hue.
The artwork of the clothes series ”Human Events” expresses the human personality created by the environment in which they are placed, and the human emotions that affect their original characters, through the form of the clothes they wear.

Kyoko Mitani was born and having grown up in Tokyo, Japan, after graduated Musashino Art University, she worked as a Landscape designer also started to render human passion in paint based traditional representation. She was convinced that those forms and colours were the mirror of her mindscape. And in 2020, she expressed the invisible souls drifting in the whole universe in "Swimming in Mars".

"Flying and Laughing”
“Signs of Primitive Feelings”
“Eating & Laughing”
“People in Summer”
"Talismans in Mountain”
“Human Events ~Dress~“
“Human Events ~Jacket~”
“Human Events ~Kimono~”
@Gallery Ono in Tokyo

"The Four Faces" Group Exhibition @Gallery La Mer
"Art Jam" Group Exhibition @Gallery Yamaguchi
"Aozora De Art" @Taimei Elementary School
"Open Clothes" @Aoyama Art Festival
"Allumage in Summer" @K's Gallery
"Mirai - Abstract Art Festival" @Space Zero
“Best Award” for graduation artwork of Musashino Art University of Art School in Tokyo
"Art Box Grand Prix Exhibition"
"Artistes d'aujourd'hui Franco-Japonais Exhibition"