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Linn Karlsson

Linn Karlsson



Linn Karlsson (b. 1990) is an artist and illustrator based in Hjo in southern Sweden.
Linn works mainly with drawing, painting, graphic prints and collage, using her own drawings and paintings as collage material. She often works with for example watercolour, graphite and colour pencil, mixes the techniques by cutting out pieces from different works and combines these in the same picture. The motifs often consists of human figures appearing in different for-mations. Sometimes they seem almost unreachable, seen from a physical and/or emotional dis-tance, and sometimes it is almost as if the viewer her-/himself becomes the figure, watching the image world from the same perspective and moment.
Being curious and trying out new ideas by experimenting with composition, depth, contrasts, figures and patterns/repetitive elements are all important aspects of Linn’s creative work – this as well as the search to capture a special mood, feeling and atmosphere.
2010-2012: Fine Art, Skövde Art School, Sweden
2013-2014: Courses in Digital Illustration and Typography, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden
2016-2020: Bachelor in Art History and Visual Studies, Lund University, Sweden
2020-2021: Artists’ Project Year, Hjo Art School, Sweden


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