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Enchanted Forest
Aurore Chesseret

Enchanted Forest



Enchanted Forest Acrylic on canvas 2020 61x50 cm In the oldest folklore and throughout the centuries to modern fantastic works, forests are places of enchantment, magic, mystery. Many fables, tales and legends take place in this sometimes idyllic, protective and wonderful environment, sometimes dangerous, sinister and distressing. Alice in Wonderland, Robin Wood, Tom Thumb, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Peter Pan… Forests house the characters of legends, elves, fairies, giants, dwarves, trolls and other mythical creatures. Enchanted forest is a reference to this fantastic forest world. It is an abundant imagination that takes place with the interweaving of colors and shapes. The graphics are childish, simple and very colorful and can suggest that this is a world dedicated to childhood, myself having been lulled from an early age by tales and fables. Nevertheless, it is an invitation to the imagination of adults who accept to let themselves be carried away in an extraordinary, unexpected world, where the mind wanders, in which shapes and colors are penetrating and take them to a magic and unique experience. The colors are reminiscent of those of the inextricable jungle. The virgin forest worries or offers asylum to the people of the invisible and could echo the shamanic rituals that open up possibilities between reality and fiction. Artist: Aurore Chesseret

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