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Dipannyta Chatterjee

Dipannyta Chatterjee



About: A Dive into the Ocean of Art with me!
Dipannyta Chatterjee (Dips) , Pronounce (She/Her)

A visionary woman and a proud mother of two beautiful small children a girl (Nyra) and a boy (Nikhil). I am a banker by profession and an Artist by passion.

Since I was a child.

Ontario, Canada.

My father who is an all-rounder artist motivated and inspired me to love Color’s and kohl. I fell in love with art in every stage of my life since I was a child. Every step ahead made me better by the motivation of my loved ones who appreciated my work personally and professionally. Since I was small I have studied details from the book series ‘The Great Artist’s. Edouard Monet, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Picasso, Da Vinci are some of my all-time favorites. My father never gave up on me till date, thus, my passion continues. My creativity surprises me every day with uniqueness.

Art helped me to become stronger and confident as an individual. Art and Colors’ works as a meditation for me. I am able to free my mind with all my thoughts pouring into the canvas. My mind relates to the contemporary world by giving it a meaning and depth through my art. This feeling is priceless and worth dying for. I AM MYSELF in my room of COLOURS. For me Art is like an ocean, the deeper you explore, the more you learn about the mystery with a vast imagination.

My strength:
I am extremely creative , specializing in abstract contemporary Art.
Loves to show my skills doing portrait sketches using Kohl.
Geode Resin Art is also my favorites.
For me every picture has its own meaning and own thought process. Contemporary brings out the best in me.

My first exhibition was held in Pune, India in Association with Max Mueller Bhavan for a charity. 10 of my Art were displayed. Couple of them was sold. Sketches of human and tribes.
Won many art prizes in school competitions
Semi Finalist in Contemporary Art category - represented by Engage Art 2019.
Sold many Painting’s commercially and for charities.

Experience in Methods of Art:


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