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Lenor Bingham

Lenor Bingham



Lenor Bingham began exploring with drawing and painting at the ripe old age of 3. Her fascina-tion of art continued through childhood and college, dabbling in ceramics, illustration, and other forms of art.
Lenor formally studied art with Toby Klayman at the Fort Mason Art Center in San Francisco. Her training continued at San Francisco State University.
From there, she began to showcase her art on a professional level, with solo-exhibitions in Port-land OR, as well as several features at the Van Der Plas Gallery in NYC.This Spring she will ex-hibit at The Agora Gallery in NYC.
Lenor found her own creative and unique style of painting, and continues to put out a mix of figurative, abstract and abstract-impressionism artworks.
As a painter, Lenor believes in taking risks and continues to find daily inspiration through tex-tures, emotions and experiences.

My artwork is a process of using color and texture to tell a story. I let myself be guided by the color combination I choose, be it muted tones or bright primary hues. At times, the stories are abstract with linear lines. Other times, I paint figures that have movement and grace.
In the past year, I have adopted an abstract expressionist style as a way to form an intimate connection with the viewer and elicit an emotional response. Although I am partial to inks and acrylic paint, I am always experimenting with new mediums and trying out unconventional techniques that work together to tell a story. The story behind every painting is then further developed through layers and layers of paint, which create texture and complexity, casting tiny hints to the underlying narrative.
I work out of my home studio in Portland, OR. My work is definitely influenced by my sur-rounding environment- especially the weather, which fluctuates in Oregon. As a result, my palette varies intuitively depending on the temperature I am experiencing. Paint has its own path and I tend to follow where it wants to flow.


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