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Nike (Size L)
Dobri Gjurkov

Nike (Size L)



Title: Nike (Size L)
Year: 2021
Size: 42 x 58 cm or 52 x 74 cm
Technique: Fine Art Giclée Prints, blue, limited editions
Limited Editions of 76 high end Fine Art Giclée Prints, printed in Germany with museum grade, archival pigment inks on the finest acid free handmade papers. Available in eight colors: berry, lila, mint, mandarine, fog gray, dark indigo blue, dark olive green and rusty red. Signed, numbered and stamped by the artist. The original is a black & white pen & ink drawing.

Subject: Women :: Category: Printmaking :: 2021 :: Mediums: Paper, Ink, Prints :: Materials: Paper
Styles: Surrealism, Conceptual, Figurative, Intimate, Erotic
Keywords: captivity / freedom, feminine beauty, beautiful woman, erotic lingerie, fetish, mythology

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