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María del Carmen Galván

María del Carmen Galván



My name is María del Carmen Galván. Of Spanish descent, she was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on September 1960.
I lived and live in a period of constant learning.
I grew up in a patriarchal family, where going out into the world of work was a challenge and a daily fight, and I was part of a whole generation of young people and adolescents marked by the dictatorship.
When it came time to have my own children, I learned to raise them in a very different way, with tools that we didn't have. Free children and open to the world who forced us to question everything. His fight for freedom and his individualism was very different from that of our generation, in which machismo bore its mark very much.
After many walks, in my 40s, I decided to give myself to what was always my passion. I entered the School of Fine Arts and I felt that it was a before and after in my life. Because I allowed myself to take off my corset, to be authentic with myself, being who I want to be. It was thus that I fully dedicated myself to the world of the Arts, traveling through painting, ceramics and glass. And at the Pedro Figari School, I got to know the one about contemporary jewelry.
This has brought me here.
My work is very intuitive. What attracts me the most is playing with the color stain, generating atmospheres, where each color and its mixtures allow each one to have its leading role. Being a balanced work but at the same time vibrant and provocative.
Just like a reflection of my own history, always seeking to generate new sources of color, that encourage me to shed light on what never changes, and to risk exploring the unknown.


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