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Carmella Cardina

Carmella Cardina



Carmella Cardina is an introvert who wanted to be an actress and singer. She did both. She
went to school for theatre, which doesn’t pay very well, and works in film and television. Or used to. Now she takes photographs. An artist, wine enthusiast, cat whisperer, and on some days, a grumpy pants.

“I began a series of photographs as a way to explore my body and how I felt about aging. I feel — as I believe many women do — that as I get older, I have less to offer in a culture that values youth. I am invisible. We hide, not from others, but from ourselves.
This series of photographs is forcing me to see exactly who I am and celebrating my aging
body. My plan is to create a companion series of older women wanting to reveal their bodies to
themselves, and revel in their beauty”.


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