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Digital artist


Digital artist


Japanese Abstract painter
Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design. Department of Oil painting.
Mainly I'm drawing the acrylic art and the digital art.
After graduating, currently I'm working for a company that had nothing to do with painting, but with COVID, my daily life changed and I started to go to painting again.
I don't know how my painting looks, but the basic base is relationships.
It has not been also changed the thema since university.
No matter what the situation, the connection with people is inseparable, and they are supported without knowing it somewhere.
Of course, there are times when I feel uncomfortable or happy.
I would like to continue to draw the changes in emotions and the movement of connections between people.
• Awards
2021 Selected for the 7th "10x15 World Contest Exhibition"
2021 Selected for the 31st All Japan Art Salon Painting Awards Exhibition
• Group Exhibitions
2010.07.19 13th KIT Exhibition (Gallery Miharaya)


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