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Saturn explosion
Una and Toni Rubiroza

Saturn explosion



Title: Saturn explosion
Year Completed: 2017-2021
Size: 7.7m x 6.5m
Technical: oil on canvas

“The work was done 4 years and 4 months. Monumental dimensions, it represents power, strength, love, hope... The work has good energy and is focused exclusively on the well-being of us. Saturn is taken as a planet of evil. It contains all the bed things that touch us. The explosion shows how this evil disappears. Around Saturn, zodiac signs are represented by female bodies like people on the planet. They are preserved in glass spheres. The earth is held by Taurus, it al-so preserved. Like the transition to the 5d dimension, bad goes well remains. There are 13 circles in the work:12 spheres and Saturn. Due to the energy of the painting, 6 glass spheres are glued to the canvas, and 7 are painted directly on the canvas. According to the practice of gematria 7 refers to the creation of the world, and in this part, we want to create a new world. Due to its size, it has 3 horizontal parts that are connected by zippers and can be adjusted to the space”.

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