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Christophe Szkudlarek
Digital artist

Christophe Szkudlarek

Digital artist


Christophe is graduated from a school of applied arts in Paris. He worked as a textile de-signer for fashion and furniture brands. He is therefore very sensitive to decorative arts, ornamental motifs and to the confrontation of colors and materials.
The experience that marked him the most is a romantic relationship that has nourished his
recent inspiration. He is very influenced generally by social relationships, strange encoun-ters who gives him envy and imagination. Music also feeds him a lot and makes his imagi-nation vibrate in a very direct way.
He is currently working on the design of erotic visuals. They speak of attraction between two beings, romantic or sexual, of desire, otherness.
He engraves his drawing on paper or wood. he likes the idea of fixing a scene in burning a support, like the pyro engraving, like a tattoo on the skin.


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