Nina Caterina Müller

Nina Caterina Müller



I was born in Florence from German parents, where I undertook artistic studies starting from a very young age. Drawing and painting are my favorite means of expression.
I currently live in Vicenza and work in the automotive industry.
My study has continued through the years by drawing from life, portraits and studying the works of my favorite artists ranging between the most diverse styles until, about 10 years ago, I felt the need to create something of my own.
My desire for the future is to increasingly dedicate more time to painting, exploring themes that are dear to me, collaborating and confronting with other artists.

Empty Time

If we have a free afternoon and we spend it without doing anything in particular, we feel like we have wasted time.
Instead, empty time is precious and allows us to sort everything that has settled in us.
Layers upon layers.
Events and information,
people, things,
In Empty Time thoughts wander,
sometimes conscious, sometimes not.
We think back,
connect some elements
and suddenly see for the first time things that were right in front of us.
We begin to understand the reasons of our seemingly involuntary reactions,
the motivations behind impulsive decisions.
We begin to understand everything we have done by following our “gut”.
Gut knows us better than Brain.
Gut is more faithful to our true nature.
In Empty Time we give Brain the chance to reconnect with Gut,
allowing us to understand where we are in our journey and to get back on our path.
We get back in touch with ourselves and with what we really want.
Sounds great, of course,
but it’s not really that easy to stay in Empty Time:
We have to go back there over and over again,
We have to put excuses aside,
take off the mask.
Once we do so, we can put on our comfortable clothes and be in honest silence.
What a liberation!
Now there’s room for plans,
come up with solutions,
And when we allow ourselves the incredible luxury of being ourselves here and now,
How can we not feel so magnanimous as to “let” others have it too?
My work comes from this place, from Empty Time.
Lately I have been there often to try to clarify to myself what is behind my work.
I hope that by observing them you can access your own Empty Time,
face your personal evolutions/revolutions,
realize that you have reached goals,
get inspiration for your future plans.
I hope they will remind you to keep in touch with yourself as you go on your way.