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Al Tamima wal Alfiya (Prologue)
Yasser MxMyA

Al Tamima wal Alfiya (Prologue)



Title: Al Tamima wal Alfiya (Prologue)
Year: 2022
Size: 1280x1920 px
Technique: Animation and Post Production was carried out using Blender

“Al Tamima (Totem) and Al Alfiya (A kind of a Diplopoda or Millipede of things). Those idioms move around in and about our lives, alluding to the constant dilemma we live between the inner and the outer, the visible and the invisible, the existent and the meta! Each letter is a sacred object in itself, since it has the power to create meanings and deliver messages. Drones move around to pollinate KALIMAT to each others' power.”

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