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Aspen bank
Ajit Gadekar

Aspen bank



Title: Aspen bank
Size: 60cm x 90cm Deep Edge ( PORTRAIT MODE )
Technique: Oil paint, High quality pure cotton stretched canvas

Landscape, Multicolor, Rectangular
When I came across beautiful images of aspen tree forest, I was mesmerized with their golden beauty. I could not resist myself from capturing the beauty of aspen trees and I started it with blank canvas. I believe that nature is the art of God. Aspen trees are found in cold regions. Aspen tree, which is derived from the Greek word “aspin” means shield. If there is a fire outbreak, it has a great ability to withstand heat or fire and will grow on the same land. This tree symbolizes victory as the tree has ability to regenerate itself. This is a sign that you will be able to overcome all of yours challenges and troubles in the life with all the abilities that you have. Root system of these trees is long-lived. They grow from single seedling and spread by means of root suckers. They teach us to look at the roots for energy, there is warmth below. They symbolize purity, strength, determination, victory, connectivity and overcoming the fears in life. In the painting, river is flowing; saying that the beauty is in the flow. Go with the flow. River cuts a new path whenever it meets an obstacle, it doesn’t just carry water, it carries life. The landscape of Aspen bank is done in oils on a deep edge pure cotton stretched canvas of 90x60cm size.

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