The Owl Castle
Michael Angle Oh!

The Owl Castle



Title: The Owl Castle
Year: 2021
Size: 120cm x 74cm
Technique: Photo collage / black & white, spray paint, textile paint.

Title: The Owl Castle (poem)

A garden in balance ~ an Angle 8D~world.
I modern distract you!
Le show

I am dreaming, a way in the sky

Swept clouds from sea blue, carriers within Big Horse Insania, evolving mind ~ magical moon ~ I caught you with an ink of an eye.
[A late bat night! ~ They talk..]

In Tower I am, your reality

Hundred stairs dancing widely,
spears from a wand! Illustrious silver splashes!
~ Des fleur pour vous
I bow, hold my hand,,
‘It’s Adorably’ Rose Ann.
I feel,,
Èmotion fontaine.

~ Breathe Oh! Breathe

29 September ~ 6 October 2021 / Michael Angle Oh!