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Dominique Decoster alías Dodec, born 09/06/1965 in Bruges, Belgium.
Art is in the genes. My great-grandfather Octave Rotsaert (Bruges, 21July 1885-26 march 1964) inspired me. He was a painter and sculptor who, among other things, had a hand in the statue of King Albert in Bruges, the buffalo bridge and many other iconic statues in Bruges.
At the age of 25 I started to paint with oil paint. Next to raising 3 children and the support of my husband I have managed to develop my hobby into a true passion. with the help of different courses, following painting lessons with the Late Johan Nyssen, art academy in Bruges and years of self-study I have been able to expand and refine my painting more and more.... with palette knife and with painting brush.
What touches me are the daily scenes that take place around me, it can be everything, emotions, nature, colors, figures combined with or without bright colors, portraits are also often the subject of my paintings. We all live in a world where positivity is hard to find for many people, corona, war, negative thoughts. I want to bring some happiness with my works. I am also not afraid to experiment with other elements, such as working on canvas with sand and/or jeans... or with empty coffee capsules and iron wire... A course in sculpting and letter caps also helped me to create new things working with clay, ceramics is also a challenge for me...
For 9 years I ran an art studio together with a fellow artist where, in addition to exhibiting and selling our own work, we also had workshops in painting and ceramics. The studio was regularly opened for exhibitions of works by guest artists.
My dream and goal is to inspire man and women with my work, that people experience a form of recognition and happiness when they look at it.


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