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Sebawali Sio

Sebawali Sio



Sebawali Sio is a Kenyan Born visual artist whose work primarily deals with the exploration of sexual,
physical and emotion abuse of women. Her Art regularly stems from her feelings communicated through painting and sculpting. ‘Eyes’ and ‘women’ feature a lot in her work. She deems eyes important both as a
means of communicating emotion and as organs of great significance where Visual Art is con-cerned. Herpaintings are thus cycles in terms of both the observer and the observed. Women in her work are a form of Self-portraits in a manner to suggests a shared identity as if all women could be her. She is a member of the Brushtu collective artists space in Buruburu, as well as Ka-ren Village.
Her works, have been collected by individuals, both locally and internationally andcorporates such as
Pricewaterhouse Coopers. She has worked closely with Paul Onditi and Onyis Martin and is cur-rently learningGlass art from Tonney Mugo. She has had four exhibitions in Nairobi, one in vil-lage market in 2006, two at the shift eye gallery (2014 and 2017) The 2017 show was curated by Sunny Dolat, a group show at Brushtu as well as ONE OFF GALLERY. Her work has been heavily influenced by her exposure and several exhibitions she has attended in Lagos, Kampala, Kigali, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Geneva and
Montreaux and most importantly Nairobi.


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