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Odilia Iaccarino

Odilia Iaccarino



Odilia Iaccarino is a self-represented and self taught abstract impressionist / con-temporary painter,
living in Plano, Texas where she has a working studio and art gallery. She spent her childhood in Mexico where she was born and the Summer months in California where she began an interest for art. In the latest years she has been working with acrylic paint, organic elements and a variety of multi mixed media. Her work is ab-stract expressive with vibrant colors and texture which present her inner emotions that applies with large brushes adding raw strokes which brings drama to her work.
Odilia Iaccarino finds inspiration throughout nature’s constant evolution, light with in and ever trending colors.
Her most recent work has a unique signature that appeals to all due to the recog-nizable style in color palette and the integrated abstraction of the scenes.
Odilia’s work is collected in the United States, Madrid Spain and Mexico. She has completed many private commissions and she is an active member with the PAA Plano Art Association, the VALA Visual arts league of Allen, VAGF Visual arts Guild of Frisco and most recently VAL Visual Art League of Lewisville- Fine Art, Arts Organization.
I paint largely on memory, imagination and creativity to freely express my inner soul.
Everyday out goings, places I’v been or imagined, all find their way onto the can-vas.
I paint from an idea as a whole, creating a subject into a full collection.
While my subjects are physical in reality, I strive to move beyond abstraction to capture
light in every scene. Creating a scene of drama with a serene and harmonious feel.
For me, the painterly challenge lies in exploring a balance of all elements on the canvas, drama and serenity.
My work is uniquely characterized by the movement of technique and the reflection of nauces on all steps taken which is an important part of my process.
I see joy in natural surroundings such as a rainy day, a sunny beach and a colorful
garden all with a moment of spiraling time to be incapsulate.
Artists who have influenced me throughout years include Helen frankeuthaler and Grace Hartigan.


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