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Hiromi Nakai

Hiromi Nakai



Hiromi Nakai Hiromi Nakai  
Born in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan Lives in Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Graduated from Akashi Junior College

June, 2019 Nara Musikfest (Nara, Japan) 
Shiroyama Ryokan Live Art
2019.August Aguri Exhibition
2019.9 Group Exhibition Art Infinity
   October 115th Pacific Kansai Exhibition Selected
   October Two Artists Exhibition Pearls
   November Higashi Osaka City Art Association 53rd Autumn Public Art Exhibition 3 works Selected
   November: Shurijo Castle Restoration Prayer Art Exhibition
August 2020 Aguri Exhibition
September 2020 AU2020 Small Works Exhibition
Mar. 2021 Group Exhibition, Atelier Youmu 
ALDILA' 2021
International Contemporary Art exhibition
October, 22 - 31 2021
   November: 2 works selected for the 54th Higashi-Osaka City Art Association Autumn Open Call Art Exhibition
April, 2022 POWER OF ART: Connecting to the Future Exhibition
        Gallery Kunitachi, Tokyo
   June "Art de aco" "Life with pictures vol.17" at Gallery Kunitachi, Tokyo.
   July Very Fun T-shirt Exhibition, Grand Prize.
   September Selected for the 117th Pacific Kansai Exhibition.
   October Aguri Exhibition


It has been five years since I resumed oil painting, and I have been fortunate to have a variety of opportunities to continue.
I started painting with oil at the age of 17 under the influence of my father.
When I think about it, all of my actual experiences in life have been textbooks for me.
After a long time, five years ago, my beloved father died in an accident, and I started painting again to drown my sorrows.
Various fates and coincidences have led me to my current situation. In the future, I would like to make the most of what I have done so far.
I would like to take a step up from various perspectives and continue to search for my own unique expression that is not caught in the common sense of painting.

We are in the midst of a liquefying society, and we are in the midst of it right now.
Infectious diseases, economic stagnation, prolonged war  
It is really hard to live.
What is the cause of this? It is the attachment that lurks in the depths of the human mind.
In our country, there is a word called "kannyo" (worldly desires).
It is a Buddhist term. As long as we are born, we will be plagued by worldly desires.
The root cause of vexation is the thing that we have to worry about.
It is the root cause of all our troubles.
There are 108 kinds of troubles.
Simply put, they are instincts and desires.
They are necessary for human growth, but they can be very misleading.
If we lose control of them, we will face serious problems.
But it is not only negative.
The English expression is "worldly passions," or earthly emotions.
Happiness comes because of suffering.
The picture of the dragon was painted at the most difficult time.
It was such a time in my life when I was dropped to the bottom of the ocean.
I am not a very religious person, but something in a dream pulled me up and guided me.
I am here now.
It might be my guardian deity (dragon).
A new day has begun. I hope and pray for a bright future.


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