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Alannah Anderson

Alannah Anderson




Alannah Anderson is an Australian Artist, Designer and Creative Director based in Huntington Beach, California.
With a diverse artistic background and experience that spans two decades, Alannah has collaborated globally with some of the most iconic brands in the area of Creative Direction, Branding, Advertising, UI/UX Design Systems and App Interface Design.
Alannah's fine art business was born through a passion to return to her roots of traditional art and cultivate her artistic voice. Learning from Masters in the industry at Milan Art Institute, Alannah is now a full time artist, lead by intuition, symbology and concepts that move the heart, inspiring positivity and hope.

Artist Statement

"I am fascinated by the magic that happens when lost in the process of creating. For me, exploring deeper facets of life and the things that make us human are best articulated through imagery. When a painting comes forth, it is often from the subconscious - I allow my art to become what it needs to be through surrender of my will for the piece. By doing this, the painting usually communicates back to me on completion, a much deeper meaning than I could have thought of with my conscious mind. It is a partnership with the Muse, a dance with the heavens, creating art brings out the best of my soul, so I pursue that magic each and every day.
Because of this love for the process, I experiment with many artistic mediums and seek out the highest quality, archival products possible. As my collection grows, I hope it will touch many lives and inspire others to cherish the time they have.
I have overcome many challenges, obstacles and fears in my life - so my greatest goal is to enrich and empower others through the practice of my art."


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