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Mariko Kumon




Title: Memories
Technique: Handmade paper, Chinese ink
Year: 2023

“Memories” by Mariko Kumon is a fascinating work inspired by organic nature and conceptual dimensions. The Japanese artist, who resides in Barcelona, has created a unique visual and sensory experience using handmade paper and Chinese ink. Presented at "FUORI E-VENTO," the artwork stands out with its triad represented by three transparent display cases that house numerous sheets of paper, crafted in a circular shape. The handmade paper sheets resemble leaves, emphasising the connection with nature and the cyclical nature of life. Each sheet carries a unique meaning, and while it is unknown which ones have words written on them, the element of uncertainty evokes a sense of mystery, inviting viewers to reflect on the elusive nature of memories. According to the artist, the transparent display cases symbolise femininity interpreted as a figure of the unconscious. This interpretation adds an additional layer of meaning to the artwork, prompting the audience to consider the relationship between memory and personal identity. The transparent cases, with their fleeting visibility of the paper sheets inside, create a sense of evanescence and a connection with the unconscious. "Memories" by Mariko Kumon is a work that invites reflection on the fragility and complexity of memories. The use of handmade paper and Chinese ink gives the artwork a sense of authenticity and tradition, highlighting the depth and preciousness of each lived moment. The artist conveys a sense of continuity and cyclicity through the circular form of the artwork, suggesting that memories are an integral part of our life's journey. Mariko Kumon's artwork stands out for its ability to capture attention and provoke deep reflection in the audience. With its evocative portrayal of memories and its connection to the unconscious and femininity, "Memories" proves to be a stimulating and significant work of art. It serves as a testament to Mariko Kumon's artistic mastery and sensitivity. The combination of aesthetic beauty, conceptual depth, and emotional connection offers the audience an opportunity for reflection and discovery.

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