Not Yet
Rebecca Volkmann

Not Yet



Not Yet 2020 24"(60.96cm) x 36" (91.44cm) on canvas. Mixed Media The information is also available on my website as well. CONCEPT: This painting has two stories. The first is one of love and loss of contact with my first love who came back into my life recently. It is a statement about the loss of that connection. The second and I think more important story is about saying "not yet" to cancer. I had very early stage breast cancer two years ago and am a high risk patient. The inevitable fact is that it could come back. I am hopeful that it will not and that I will remain healthy on the cancer medicine that I takan almost every day. My mother also had a different stage of breast cancer and is a three year survivor. So, "Not Yet" is very personal to me for many reasons. Artist: Rebecca Volkmann