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Martin Stenbak Drescher

Martin Stenbak Drescher



March 1965
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark
In the following description, I have chosen to focus on that part of my life, which primarily has had direct impact on the way I paint and has influenced how the patterns, the colours and my chosen subjects has developed through these periods. My first real meeting with my passion (drawing/painting) goes back to the time when I lived together with two close friends both from High School. I was very inspired by cartoons. Especially Mr. Richard Corben´s Universe was drawing me in. I got hooked on Airbrush as a tool.

I tried in the same period to get accepted into different schools/artclasses focusing on drawing and painting but nothing worked out except for evening and weekend art schools.

The next step became The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. Focus was Layout and Calligrafi. In the same period I produced a lot of logo types for different kinds of businesses.

Money was needed and I got a job in Saudi Arabia. This meant a lot of time alone and many new inputs. I learned to scuba-dive and go to the local Camel Market.

My work became very demanding and I did not reconnect with Martin, the Artist, again until 2003. I started to use acrylics on canvas and paper. In 2005 I had a 2 week scholarship on an art school, which was a great experience. I worked with acrylics and started to attend classes in fine art for the next three years.

Again my work took over (or the money was in need) and I had to store the Artist. In 2015 I was so unfortunate to get a blood clot in my head. I lost much of my ability to move in the right side of my body. This meant a serious rehabilitation program. In order to get my fingers to work I took up painting again. The painting was a great tool. It trained my muscles and kept my head from getting depressed.

2017 and onwards
The rest is history. Now I am focused on my paintings (and my development as an artist) which has brought me many new and exciting adventures. Thank you for reading my story of my inner artist. Stay tuned because there is a lot more in storage.
My Exhibitions:
Café Zugar Baby, 2009
Blue Water (together with Louise Thygesen) 2009
Armardillo Eventfabrik, 2017
Hillerød Kunstdage, 2018
Restaurant GOSP in Skodsborg, 2018
Swiss Art Space, Nature 4. (c) (Curated Exhibition)
Hillerøds Forårsudstilling (Curated exhibition), 2019
Galleri Svanen, May 2019
Kunstkaelderen, Rosengaards Centre, Odense. July to September 2019
NIRAS, Aalborg, October 2019
The Egg Storage, Holbaek. January 2020
Dansac, Fredensborg. January- February 2020
Rosengårdscentret, April to November 2020
Ockenlund Gallery, December 2020

Upcoming Exhibitions
2022- Galleria Colorida de Arte, Lissabon, Portugal
23. April to 6th. of May 2022


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