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Melissa Zienter

Melissa Zienter



Melissa is an artist from Las Vegas Nevada, USA.
A year ago in November she started drawing for therapeutic purposes as she is unfortunately a survivor of trauma and abuse.

Recently, she started painting on canvas using metallic acrylic paint, after working with pencil and charcoal for a long time. The small deformations and irregularities that characterise the sur-faces of his works are intended to give movement and life to the characters. "The canvas moves and breathes with every brushstroke, it tells me how to use metallic paint to enhance its move-ment, it speaks a different language to me. It becomes my friend, I read what it wants me to do".

Melissa works without intention on her personal pieces, letting her unconscious flow. "I never know, until I am finished, what the marks of the piece are. What the painting tells me about my-self".

Her style is emotional, very expressive and her works are born out of the emotions that have been repressed throughout her life. Her name on Instagram is @finding.Beatrice. Beatrice, an important character from Dante's Inferno, manages to travel from Hell to Paradise. "In my art I find my heaven from hell, and that is why I will never stop painting. Art is my Beatrice.

Melissa sells her works on commission and by request. Her personal works are only available in print. Original works are made especially for the client and only the client can decide whether to sell the prints, making them one of a kind.


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