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Caracola Art Studio

Caracola Art Studio



Andrea Salas is an art enthusiast, and she loves investing time and space in exploring new as-pects of art through experimenting with painting, media, and photography. She graduated with a Bachelors in Visual Communication and pursued with Masters in Fine Arts – Photography. As a frequent traveller to seek more opportunities, her passion and desire to explore art took her to different places from my birthplace Ecuador, Colombia, to Spain and Netherlands. Her inner art-ist was discovered at its earliest when she was studying in her college and came face with the European Art and Design Movements. It inspired her to the fullest to reach her potential and look for opportunities in a country with the same art background as the Netherlands. The two people she was genuinely inspired by were Vincent Van Gogh’s and Piet Mondrian’s imagination and ab-stractions. Her interest and taste in art and design also emerge from a long line of painters in her family tree by the last name, Salas, from the 1780s. Caracola is an Ecuadorian visual artist based in the Netherlands. Her art projects and work samples are a mix of her mediums for the outline, aesthetics and colors that highlight her individuality from other artists. Caracola takes inspiration from the environment, observing people, and from the simplicity of the space around her that are processed into works of art, either digital landscapes or in the form of hand-painted portraits.

Artist Statement:
Like every artist, we express ourselves through visuals. I like to give visual meaning through modern exploration with paints and digital techniques combined with my natural skills. I like sim-plicity, expressiveness, and aesthetic energy in my art. I strive to make my artwork look con-nected and reach out to the audience in a targeted way. I use watercolor, ink, photographs, and mixed media in my projects. I enjoy painting landscapes, but I often infuse skies and waters in my subjects. My recent summer artwork exhibition took place in Hamburg, Germany, which was a thrilling experience. Here, I was given a chance to
showcase my work combined with watercolors, digital techniques, and natural elements. Art is the mere medium of depicting inward turmoils, battles, and attributes of a soul, raw and bare in their true beautiful form. Every painting is a two-fold image. You see a bit of the artist and what you perceive of the image. No two people see it the same. As fun as this sounds when it rhymes, the more exciting it is when you explore the only sanctuary for my compelling and inspiring artistic brainstorms. A safe haven for my earliest thoughts that are processed into a divergent form of art, either digital landscapes or in the form of hand-painted portraits. This studio is my lair which represents my primal ideas with a fusion of my final reveals. My productive day starting from the basic step of putting all my ideas on the mood boards. Whether it's home decoration schemes incorporated in future profitable projects or visualization of a painting when I was supposed to be sleeping, everything begins here. In addition to my free work, I also provide my array of services for clients that hire me for commission. My projects and work samples depict their demands, a mix of my mediums for the outline and colors that highlight my individuality from other artists.


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