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Naho Awaji
Digital artist

Naho Awaji

Digital artist



1989 Born in Osaka,Japan
2009 Entered Osaka University of Arts
2011 Attend a short course at the University of the Arts London
2013 Graduated Osaka University of Arts
Major in graphic design

I am an artist and a graphic designer.

When I was young, the picture was too emotional to show to people,
I have cultivated an objective perspective and am now.
Painting is, for me, communication with society using visual language.
By publishing the paintings, I am happy to be able to share freedom and art with many people and communicate with them.

What and who inspires me during the creative process.

I have seen many paintings and have been influenced by many painters, designers and architects. From an early age, I loved Raoul Dufy and Picasso's paintings of the Mediterra-nean Sea.

The specific method of creation is influenced by the following.
・ A novel by Haruki Murakami. How to make a world view, the unconscious destination ...
(Creative theory described in "Haruki Murakami A Long,Long Interview")
・ The person who has been inspiring me recently is Japanese musician Enon Kawatani.
  He release dozens of songs a year, so I'm creating one after another.
The concept I was trapped in : which is a virtue to take the time to create was broken.

I learned from them that the time spent is not important, but whether the work goes deep (although it is obsolete expression) is important. (Of course, I also fully understand the im-plications of taking the time to do something good.)


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