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Ildi Krasznecz




Title: “Persephone”
Year: 2020
Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 35*50 cm

Beautiful daughter of Zeus and Demeter. The goddess of Rebirth and Spring. Worshipped as the queen of the Underworld. She was a double deity addressing both sides of her personality based on her everyday relationship with living and also the dead.
One day she unfortunately picked a narcissus (some say it's the flower of Hades) and he abducted her to the deep underworld. Later he tricked her to taste one seed of a pomegranate down there and this obliged her to remain with him. After begging Zeus, he agreed that she can stay above with her mother for the great part of the year. When she meets with Demeter she brings light and warmth and the earth rejoices in abundance. And later, when she's forced to go back to Hades, winter comes to the earth. She's the manifestation of the cycle of nature.
The symbolic meaning of her mythical personality is quite extraordinary for me. She's possessing an introverted temperament with issues of her inner world control and is profoundly passionate about the world of spirits and matters.
One can always have potential for growth and change through their psyche.

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