Ohne Titel IV
Quynh Klaus

Ohne Titel IV



Title: Ohne Titel IV
Year: 2021
Size: Available prints in 40 x 40 cm - 80 x 80 cm - 120 x 120 cm -140 x 140 cm.
Technique: Mixed media. Tailor-made artworks as a real photo print behind acrylic glass, limited edition.

It is therefore not surprising that martial artists in ancient Japan spent years mastering a meditative state called "mushin" which, once mastered, completely shed their fear and allowed them to move freely and strike without hesitation. The flow state (which I feel like being like water without form) differs from our natural, “conscious” state. When someone enters the flow, their self-esteem decreases. When musicians improvise, brain tests show, for example, that the brain activities responsible for self-esteem fall off. In other words, they switch to flow. Musicians perceive the state as a certain serenity paired with a quadrupled creativity. Jazz musicians, athletes, monks ... they all have different terms for it, such as "Being in the pocket", "Runner's High", "Nirvana", and yet describe the same thing.