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Emma Carey Baxendale

Emma Carey Baxendale



Having spent almost two decades in the Teaching world and giving students my inspirations & skills of the Art world, I decided to give up Teaching Art & Design and embark on following my lifelong dream of becoming an artist.
I started my Art works in 2002 when I came back from living in New Zealand for 6 months and travelled around Singapore. These travels illuminated and ignited my Art and expressionism.
I specialized on a breadth of experience: Fine art, Graphics, Photography, Textiles, Ceramics and mixed media.
In 2021 I decided to take a leap of faith and devote my full attention to painting and creating Art collections to exhibit worldwide.
Originally from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, I now base myself in Manchester UK & Malaga SPAIN.
Each piece of Artwork reflects the emotions of life journey's, feelings, experiences, celebrations, curiosity and highs and lows of life. My art also captures the viewers personal experiences and exploration.


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