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Bérengère d’Orsay




Title: Blow
Sizes: 54 x 73 cm (edition of 5)
Technique: Digigraphie Epson on art paper 310gr cold press bright. Dahinden Laboraratory.
Prints are numerated from 1 to 5 to and signed by the artist.


These drawings are part of a series entitled Interior Fragments, in which the human being is seen from the inside as well as the outside. It is exploded, disintegrated, recomposed, trans-formed: cells, auras, bones, organs, emotions... are mixed in a dreamlike vision of the energy that constitutes us. It is an emotional journey to the heart of organic material in perpetual transformation.

Drawing process:
A puddle of water, a few drops of ink projected and the liquids flow into moving volutes, at-tracted by each other but repelled by the icy surface of the photo paper used. Hypnotized by these movements, the artist lets herself betransported by the magic and add freely ink and wa-ter, she plays with her breath, a brush, a rag... . When drying, the magic often disappears but some forms stand out, disturbing, combining movement and immobility. She then pho-tographes and imports these fragments into Photoshop : A long process of coloring begins to result in new creations that are then printed on a 300gr acid-free watercolor paper with Ep-son inks with a velvety and intense rendering and sometimes retouched with watercolor and pencil.

Prints made by the Dahinden laboratory, rue Française, 75001 Paris

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