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Eva Lagerbäck

Eva Lagerbäck



My name is Eva Lagerbäck and I live in Malmö, Sweden.
I have always had an interest in art, theatre and dance in all forms. Late in life I have let my creativity flourish and be expressed. To paint is a wonderful way for me to relax and enter my own inner world full of fantasies and fairy tales.
I am self-taught. I love to paint in strong colors where children and women often are included in the motives. I paint the joy of my soul, my sorrow and my happiness. I think my humour and joy of life but also my seriousness is reflected in my paintings.
My motives come from inside. To follow the colors and the pattern that the colors form is an exciting adventure. I believe that all human beings have a flow and a creativity within them that is just waiting to come out and that is never too late to open that door!


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