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Metamorphosis 3
Michelle Sever

Metamorphosis 3



Title: Metamorphosis 3
Year: 2022
Size: 16x20x0,7 in
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Painting helps me work through emotions, anxieties, experiences and even triumphs. As we have all lived through the pandemic, we have experienced it differently, and I have experienced it differently myself at different times. Some days the darkness and ugliness would almost feel overwhelming. Other days, the solitude and additional time in my schedule to examine myself, reflect and make choices to grow, was transformative. Metamorphosis reflects the transformation process I and many others have been on during the pandemic. My home became like a cocoon where I had an opportunity to change and be changed. This painting captures my vision of the butterfly emerging and preparing to take flight, representing how I see my own journey and transformation. Certificate of authenticity included

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