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Pascale Doumeng

Pascale Doumeng



Pascale Doumeng born in South of France in 1964 stands on her own as a distinct artist who - by the word of the eminent art critic Jean Luc Chalumeau - is described as “a strong personality who built her own works away from the strategies that usually confine most of today’s artist, and therefore becoming a painter without joining a specific school.”
Bali has inspired many artists from around the world to come, reside and call it home for various reasons. The unsurpassed scenic beauty and the spirituality that seems to always be the order of the day didn’t fail to capture her heart where she has been living and creating since 2005.
We live in an age of increasing standardization. Powerful forces have used an ever more media to convince us of our likes, our wants, our needs. The onslaught of the ordinary that attempts to invade and control our aesthetic and moral judgment.
It has never been enough for artists to be original or creative, it is equally imperative that there be those who have the strength to see and the wisdom to reflect on that art.
She started by learning the techniques of the matter work (wood, stone, metal, plaster, plastic, resin, etc.) and fulfilled her taste for furniture creation and interior design, then, without knowing it at first, she became a painter, refusing to belong to any “school” or “trend”.
She wants to remain out of mainstreams and official definitions. She asserts: “Art doesn’t represent what one sees: it just makes it visible. I want to reach a point where nobody can tell how my painting is done, because it carries the responsibility to only express emotion”.
In her work, lots of secrets come out of their hiding places to be enhanced by her light. Her mind draws, her heart creates the colours.
The strength of her personality makes her art’s beauty.
No concessions with the truth of feelings; she doesn’t show, she demonstrates to herself (and thus to us) that she can express herself differently in her purity.
Her palette is Mediterranean, her numerous deep glazings come from natural pigments as well as from waxes, pastes, finishes, powders and coatings.
Her technique is often borrowed from builders and uses resistance, combing, knives and spalters.
Pascale DOUMENG exhibited in solo shows in Sofitel Seminyak Bali, Ritz Carlton Bali, Montiq Gallery Jakarta, KuDeTa Bali, GadoGado Bali, Warisan Bali and group shows in Paris ( Arte Viva), Ibiza (Centro Cultural de Jesús), Barcelona (Punto Arte), and Oracle Gallery Ubud
Her painting is The Light, the one that puts ideas in order through a sublime truth.


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