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Pandemic Pieta
Helen Lavelle

Pandemic Pieta



Title: Pandemic Pieta
Size: 36” x 36”
Year of Execution: 2021
Technique: Oil on Canvas

“Pandemic Pieta” was created in response to the horror and heartbreak left in the wake of COVID-19. The concept for the painting began to take shape when in the United States our death toll hit 25,000. As I was painting the number of lives lost continued to exponen-tially rise. Today over 751,000 Americans are dead…with over 5 million fatalities world-wide. The focus of my painting is not the life lost, but the mother who is battered with unbearable grief, unspeakably traumatized. She is in the eye of the storm, her face ac-knowledging her reality and ours. Her hand reaches out over her dead son’s body. She is not hysterical. She is feeling her feelings. She is fully present. She reaches out in her most vulnerable state so that we may reach in.

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