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Anisa Saliaj

Anisa Saliaj



After studying architecture in her homeland, Albania, Anisa moved to the United States at age of 22 where she changed her career and became a nurse. Art, however, has always fired up her soul so that, a few years ago, Anisa rediscovered her passion for it, working and evolving to express her world and imagination through brush strokes.
Her work shows patterned or non-patterned shapes, mostly geometric, with a unique and diverse sense of connection to the given space, through the use of pencils, brushes and colors and different mediums in order to create modern and unique textures and compositions. Through her art, Anisa wants to embrace the magnificent mysteries of our universe and existence, in hopes of giving the viewer a sense of belonging and un limitation.

My inspiration comes from every day life and feelings I experience, but most importantly, from the mystery of our universe and existence. Everything that surrounds us is so amazing to discover and absolutely infinite. All is life, and all is a cycle.
My paintings are not more about what I see through them, rather than what they can make the viewer see. To strike emotions through colors, textures and shapes, is my ultimate goal as an artist.


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