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Eva Stensland

Eva Stensland



Born I New York, and returning to the big apple from native Norway in late teens. Studied Silk Screen at School of Visual Arts, very experimental, used materials like nylon stockings and silk as well as chemicals found in local drugstore…. Medium collages, seies and large works. Participated in all school shows, one Asian owned gallery in Soho, and selected to participate in the National Annual; Graphic Art Exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Participated in group shows.

Mid 80s: Participated in international and inter-disciplinary installation called DPT 2 (The Poetic Theater) at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway, consisting of artists of numerous disciplines: architecture, dance, music, sculpture, performance,amd film- where she represented film and performance art.
The Opening was visual representation “state of Oslo”, – covered by major media, taking place in the dark, with little lights dotting over a low cement wall representing the level of enlightenment. Opening night: “too-too” dressed ballerinas dancing in the almost total darkness to the drum music of a Dutch punk artist…Eva’s contribution: film in super high light sensitivity 16mm film, of Dutch punk artist ecstatic naked dance about state of sexuality (porn) in Oslo in a white room, with images plastered around… Visually very unusual, and intense. The last day of the show: “deconstruction”, Eva spray painted body in silver, as ghost of hope, everything else removed, just “ruins” left.

80s/90s: Attended San Francisco State at the Inter-disciplinary Art Department, for a degree in art/film. Performed with a group called Lethal Gospel, as well as own performances and installations. Did a film “Tech God” in collab with the owner of the Dream Theatre in SF, a poetic journey to a more profound reality. Exhibited sculptural work within the college grounds. Worked with textiles, and transparent latex multicolored relief sculpture.

2000-2018: Oslo: private showings of new work, mostly paintings, selling out.
Oslo: performance of a conversation between God and John Wayne.
Oslo: Maori inspired painting bought by a video company from Berlin for a video work there
Oslo/shows at unusual places: punk-club; a mega book store; and a famous activist lawyers home, etc.
Eva’s style in this period: symbolic surrealism, human figures and body parts, nature: birds and animals, (swans, moose, eagles, foxes), with psychological and sexual themes.

Moving to California 2019: Panting now abstract, consciousness architecture, essential reality and structure of dreams,- inspired by a 5 year intensive spiritual studies in Oslo, Norway.
2020/21 Participated in 2 shows at the InnerSpaceLA, downtown.


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