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Il mio Universo
Antonietta Grimaldi

Il mio Universo



Title: Il mio Universo
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 70x100 cm
Technical: Abstract acrylic painting on canvas

Antonietta's painting is liberation, the key to herself and her artistic sensibility. Through the vital energy of colour she gives the viewer the right key, the key that opens the gates of her pictorial universe. pictorial universe. From warm to cold colours, which intertwine with inexorable energy, generating a magical alchemy that delights the eyes of the be-holder. Everything starts with colour, the true protagonist of a theatre of contrasts generated in the moments when the reins of reason loosen their grip. The artist's hand is dynamic and completely free from pre-established schemes, capable of generating a dance of darting colours where all the emotionality of her world is poured out. Antonietta makes the canvas her beloved confidante, the trusted soul to whom she entrusts her moods with the same immediacy with which they are generated. And it is here that with extreme firmness she lays herself bare, showing the viewer the whole ether of her emotions, even the deepest ones that allow the observer to understand the vastness of her artistic uni-verse. Without, however, imposing any reading scheme on the viewer, but leaving them free to enter it with their own baggage and emotionality, in order to provoke a gentle confrontation with her and her world.

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