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Amisha Mehta

Amisha Mehta



"We are surrounded and drowned in colour all the time, they watch us even as we sleep through the darkness, through the light they appear and into the darkness they dissolve"
As an artist, Amisha Mehta is celebrated, both nationally and internationally, for her unique masterpieces that strike the perfect balance between colour, emotion and serenity. Her passion as an artist led her to become a colour therapist. She has a rich and wide range of knowledge and experience to change the way we perceive and see colour and to help colours spring off a canvas and into every aspect of our lives. Colours not only have the power to beautify, but also the power to heal you. Amisha has mastered this healing power and aims to make it accessible to people, companies, schools, organisations, pets and homes all over the world.
How It Started
With a formal education in Applied Arts, Amisha began her career as a lettering artist and crea-tive visualiser in Advertising. However, since advertising is a client-driven market, her creativity was thumped. To express herself freely, she took on an unusual creative project: A hill station villa. Painting and creating visual elements such as mosaics and murals helped Amisha unleash her true potential and understand how colours and nature come together to create real beauty. This deeper understanding gave rise to her critically acclaimed “Our 5 elements” solo show at Kala Ghoda, where she delved deep into human chakras, their energies and the crucial role they play in our daily life. Her exhibitions became a place for peace and solace for the visitors as well. The calming nature of her work attracted notable clients like The Sai Baba Temple Trust and Nanavati Hospital, who have used her work in their meditation and well-being centres. Be-ing surrounded by artwork that had the right balance and combination of colours acted as a stress-buster for them. For Amisha, this opened the doorway to Art & Colour Therapy.
The Power Of Art & Colour Therapy
“Life had indeed become colourful and my purpose was to wish everyone the same” - Amisha
Colour Therapy
Amisha’s passion for colours led her to study them deeper. She went on to study Holistic Interi-or Design that taught her how to balance colour, space and energy, both indoors and out-doors, to get maximum healing and power from it. She mastered the art of Colour Therapy, a non- invasive form of healing through the 7 colours of the rainbow. We absorb colours through our sensory organs and when it penetrates our cells, it can change the way the cell functions. Hence, it is important to expose ourselves to a balanced spectrum of colours.
Art Therapy
Art Therapy is the process of helping someone use the various creative processes like photog-raphy and painting to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Amisha’s 20 years of Sitar playing led her to include music into her art therapy workshops, which played a major role in the healing process for her clients.
For Amisha, Art and Colour Therapy go together, like paint on a brush, and can be very effective in healing a person from within. Some of her notable works include:
· Successful international showcases in Norway and South Korea

· Celebrated art-shows pan-India including Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore

· A project with prison inmates which helped them with their rehabilitation into society and
turned away from regression.

· The creation of “Beyond the Wall”, a collection of affordable home decor with the right balance of colours and the power to heal, which was showcased at The Bombay Store and Pink Ginger Art Gallery.

· Participant in the internationally recognised and famous Pune Biennale 2017 art festival

· Multiple installations and collaborations with the infamous Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

· Greatly alleviating and lessening the terrible side-effects of Chemotherapy on cancer as
well as other terminally-ill patients undergoing similar treatments.

· Special features and interviews with Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors, NDTV, Miss
Malini, GoodHomes and more


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