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Miyako Shimizu

Miyako Shimizu



Born in Shiga, Japan. Raised in a life of familiarity with nature and Japanese traditional spirituality in her everyday life.After training as a professional Japanese traditional cuisine chef, she started managing a Japanese restaurant at the age of 38. After that, one day - in between a dream and reality - she saw a universal mandala vision. She thought it was from the Wisdom of the Universe.
On September 4, 2022, she got an inspiration to paint that mandala. The idea was just like the advice from the higher dimensional world, she thought. Then she started creating her artworks although she had no experience at all in painting and moved into the world of expression.

Art Works by Miyako Shimizu
Miyako Shimizu's artwork expresses the wisdom from higher dimensions. Using carefully selected Japanese paper, this watercolor painting is made with sacred water from two Japanese spiritual locations. Holding a Lemurian crystal in her left hand, she carefully depicts a world beyond time and space on paper.
“A special message for you is vibrating in the paintings. I hope to deliver them to those who can sense them. - Miyako Shimizu”


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