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Joana Lobo Anta

Joana Lobo Anta



Joana Lobo Anta, also known as LOBA, was born in Cascais, Portugal.

She´s made of ink and melody and lives in harmony between different forms of arts, expressing her feelings and channelling her moods through painting, drawing, singing, performing, writing, DJing, dancing and on.

"I paint since I remember to exist. I went through Graphic Design, improved the art of drawing in Italy and experimented different styles and techniques. I consider myself privileged for being able to do exactly what I always wanted to do, by the way of Art. It´s all about Creation and keeping the wild spirit alive."

University of Graphic Design, IADE (Lisbon, Portugal)
University of Fine Arts Pietro Vannucci (Perugia, Italy)


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