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Proxy Promise

Proxy Promise



Title: Proxy Promise
Year: 2021
Size: 4’8”

Algorithmic systemic flux technologies have become the new promises of “dictators of beliefs.” They allow containers of our cultural artifacts and experiences to dictate our consumption from biased perspectives which reflects on a self-consumption, as we project ourselves into non-human bodies through an escape of conscious human perception, praising its intelligence for curating your likes as pure data, and what you don’t, as noise. Proxy, meaning “to act on behalf of another,” half entitles this installation video which subjectively provokes today’s flux as catalysts of self-hood indulging a mass individualization through biased imagery as I use my algorithm data as the protagonist. This piece was generated through a collection of my data from the social media website Twitter, collecting my media from my Likes. Abstracting the complex generation of images, this data was reduced to noise through computational processes, generating this project.

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