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Angels and Demons
Julia Knop

Angels and Demons



Title: Angels and Demons
Year: 2022
Size: 100×70 cm
Description: Let me use a quote from a book by author Dan Brown: “ Without darkness there is no light. Without evil there is no good “.
Good and evil which can be interpreted differently by different cultures and everyone considers something different as good and something different as evil.

Good in itself is pleasant, it touches the heart, souls and gives deep satisfaction. Evil al-ways arouses negative emotions in us, causes reproach, annoyance and pain, but can’t a bad life choice or sorrow that has befallen us turn out in retrospect to be a good change or a better understanding of ourselves ? Life’s catastrophes, big waves which we often describe as the end of our world often turn out to be the beginning of something new.

Evil is therefore inherent in a world where goodness exists alongside it. The substrate of one and the other is human nature, and in making any decision, we are never sure which option is right and proper.
But what is good and evil in reality ? Over the years, there has been a search for a definition that could explain the structure of these concepts, but unfortunately without success.
What we undoubtedly know that good cannot exist without evil and vice versa.
Evil is simply the absence of good, it has no real existence of its own and I believe it can be dispelled in the light of goodness.

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