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Annalisa Tescari Appuhn




Title: Hands
Size: 250 x 45 x 45 cm
Technique: Lost wax bronze

“Eight life-size hands chasing each other on a steel wire almost as if they had to be invisi-ble to give the feeling that these are rising to the top of the world. Hands that work, that point, that clench into a fist -- hands of each of us. Strong, light, elegant, seductive.
I used two different metals, and I used different polishes for the same metal so that' they would all be unique and important for their distinctiveness. Bronze for its luster, thickness, and weight because' it resembles the color of gold; Aluminum, less noble perhaps, but light and simple with a sometimes flat and severe light that lights up when hit by direct light or the sun. With each hand I imagined an owner and together we constructed this work that is very dear to me. About eight feet long, it starts from a block of mirror-polished Plexiglass. I often love to juxtapose metals with Plexiglass rather than marble which is too cold and masculine for me. Plexiglass is fluid and gentle and belongs to today's world without reveries for the past. And so are my statues, contemporary because' they belong to my today or my recent past."

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