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Kazuha Ishitani

Kazuha Ishitani



I was born in Osaka, Japan, in the winter of 1996.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a doomsday wish and have been driven by an uncon-trollable spirit.
One day I would suddenly want to let go of everything, the good and the bad.
Because of this, I could not go to high school or work.
Sometimes I even had the urge to give up my life itself, and I did.

In this state of mind, it was nature that gave me interest in life.
Nature is always maintaining a neutral position while dealing with life in the given envi-ronment.
I was influenced by this strength and began to meditate.
I started meditating because of its strength, concentrating only on my breath and my body, just accepting myself as I am.

My work is very simple and very natural. "It is a neutral and peaceful feeling of "I was born, I am alive.
For me, painting is a meditation to free myself from the "unnatural".


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