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Keiko Ahner

Keiko Ahner



Wasshoi Seijin
Wasshoi Seijin was born in 2012.
The Great East Japan Earthquake, foot-and-mouth disease, bird flu, and the deaths of family members. Many lives were lost.
Human beings go through many things in their lives. Of course, there are happy and joyful things. However, there are also many events that make us wonder why me... and many things that we have to solve within ourselves.
Stress in relationships, illness, sudden accidents, natural disasters...
Even when we can't take another step forward, even when we are in the dark, we have to live.
It is in this situation that Wasshoi Seijin was born. Wasshoi Seijin is a cheering squad for all that live.
First of all they are a fairy (?) that appears to cheer up all of life. They stand by your side and watch over you.
They cheer you up, but do not lecture you.
They like to be in a group, but each one of them has a free spirit.


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